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Maranta Fascinator plant in striped pot 14cm x 12cm

Maranta  Fascinator is part of a group of plants known as prayer plants. They get the name from the fact that their leaves fold up at night, like praying hands, then unfold in the day, to absorb the day’s light. All these plants have vivid patterns on their leaves and maranta leuconeura is one of the most dazzling.

The leaves are dark green, with a lime green ripple running down the middle. If that weren’t impressive enough, they have bright pink veins and a deep purple underside. It’s a stunning plant. 

In the wild, you’d find this plant in the tropical forests of Brazil, where it grows about 30cm tall. It loves humidity (spray it regularly with a mister) but it likes its soil to stay quite dry. Only water it when it’s dry to a depth of at least two inches. Like most highly patterned plants, it needs lots of light to look its best, although avoid direct sun, which can fade it. A monthly feed with liquid fertiliser in spring and summer will also be greatly appreciated.

Maranta Fascinator in Striped pot & Mica Stand

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